Compounding Services

According to the PCCA, Compounding is the art and science of preparing personalized medications for patients. Compounded medcications are made based on pysicians prescription where individual ingredients are mixed together to the required strength and dosage prescribed by the physcian.

Why The need For Compounding

There are times that physicians and patients recognize that it may be difficult for the patient to take the medication as directed or even be allergic to some of its ingredients.

Some of the issues that patients face could be

  • Stomach upset
  • unfriendly taste
  • Discontinued medication

Compounding allows us at Kay pharmacy to formulate the medication tailored to the physicians direction and allow the use of the medication with less hassle and in a more comfortable manner.

Contact us today to discuss your any concern that you may have about your current medication and we will work with you to identify if compounding your prescription may be a better option.